Second Sunday Family Service Volunteers

Families are wanted as Ushers for the second Sunday of each month.  Parents can judge whether they and their children are “old enough”, as handing out programs can be done by the fairly young if the child is interested. There are 12 months and the family can choose from 1 to 12 of them.  Please contact Abigael Huitsing if you are interested.

Children will have special name tag when they are serving as usher.

Usher job:
1) hand out programs beginning at 9:40
2) make sure candles are lit on communion table and prayer stand at 9:50
3) count number of people in worship
4) make sure candles are out after worship finished
5) pick up papers, etc. left in the pews

Training will be given to those who say yes.

Diaconate Board

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