Prayer Chain Process Update

After years of service, Wendy Winks is retiring as manager of the Plymouth Prayer Chain. Thank you, Wendy, for your expedient delivery of our congregation’s joys and concerns. We are grateful to you and hope you enjoy life’s next chapter of living aboard your boat and sailing this high seas.

Moving forward, Lee Engstrom will be distributing prayer requests through our membership database, Breeze. In order to submit a request, simply click one of the links below. Prayer Chain requests will be shared with Lee Engstrom and then issued to the prayer chain email distribution list. Confidential requests will be sent directly to Pastor Rachel and bypass the prayer chain process.

If you’d like to be on the Prayer Chain email distribution list, please send Sarah Simon an email and she’ll add you to the correspondence.

Click HERE to share your prayer request with the Prayer Chain

Click HERE to share your CONFIDENTIAL prayer request with Pastor Rachel ONLY

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