Other Ways To Give

Plymouth UCC lives a mission that is bold and exciting! We invite all that believe in our mission to fully participate by giving of their time, their talents and their treasure.

Giving of time and talent is how we get things done. We worship, pray, celebrate, comfort, participate in meetings and learning events, pack lunches for children.  It’s a long list.

Giving of our treasure is how we pay for what gets done.  Our treasure funds salaries, utilities, food- another lengthy list.

There are two main types of giving: current giving and planned giving.  Current giving includes those regular donations we receive either on Sundays during the Moment of Generosity, or online as people are able.  Current giving keeps us going week by week.

Planned giving is the most inclusive form of giving.  When you engage in planned giving you are stating that Plymouth truly is a part of your family. You are helping Plymouth to plan for our future together.

Planned giving includes providing for Plymouth in your will or trust, giving a gift of stock and giving from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA).  Click on any of the images below to learn more, the images will take you to a document the will describe each of these options and how you may take advantage of them.