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Preventing War with Iran

From the UCC's Justice and Peace Action Network:

Call on Congress today to assert its constitutional war powers and prevent any funds from being used for war with Iran

As a Just Peace Church, the United Church of Christ has long advocated for diplomatic and peaceful engagement with Iran. We have spoken out on multiple occasions in opposition to inflammatory rhetoric and direct provocation that could ultimately lead to war. In response to recent events, our UCC leadership has issued a call to prayer and fasting for peace during this season of Epiphany, to bring us back from the brink of war with Iran. ....

While we denounce all acts of violence and provocation on all sides, we urgently call on our own government to end the cycle of violence and escalation and avoid inciting a regional war. As people of faith, we believe another way is possible. In our 2009 General Synod resolution, “Solidarity and Friendship with Iran”, we professed:

“Our sacred scriptures all point to our calling as disciples and peacemakers, to do what we can to bring healing into the world, not hurt, to end bloodshed, not to initiate it, to stop the killing and terrorizing of children and adults, and to make all of God’s Creation a safe place in which to live.”

A return to diplomacy is the only way forward. We must remind our officials of the shared humanity between our nations and find creative ways to build peace. This Epiphany let us pray and fast for peace with Iran and use our collective voice as people of faith to stop the drumbeat to war.

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