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At Plymouth United Church of Christ (UCC), worship is fundamental to what we do. It is the place and time when we are gathered as the church, not only on behalf of those of us who are present, but also on behalf of those who are part of the fellowship but are NOT present.

In worship, we see and celebrate the love and self-sacrifice of God in Jesus. That is for us individually; but, not just for individuals. It is also, perhaps primarily, for the world, as John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world.” So the world, and our call to respond and follow, is central to our worship as well. Thus, our worship, we would hope and intend, invites and unites.

What is God to Us?

We do not primarily see God as the “puller of strings” or the “dispenser of goodies.” Neither do we see God as the one who is “making a list and checking it twice, who’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.”

The point of our worship is not to remind us how bad we are and how we better get right with God before it’s too late. (We tend to beat up on ourselves as it is.) It is not to show God how righteous and full of praise we are. It is not to badger God into giving us all the things we think we need.

The point of our worship is to bring our whole selves more consciously before that Presence which is loving and good; that Presence which is so much bigger and better than we are. It is to align ourselves with God and God’s intention for the world.

Plymouth’s concept of worship is well-expressed in this sermon.  Information about what happens inside Plymouth’s doors on Sunday can be found on our Visitors' page.

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