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Plymouth United Church of Christ (UCC) is a Christian Church. We believe in the basic tenets of Christianity: one God, experienced and expressed as Creative power, Redeeming Christ, and present/active Spirit. As a Christian Church, we see Christ as “the Son of God,” a statement which always has and continues to be variously understood across Christendom and by individual believers. Regardless of various specific beliefs, we see Jesus as our lens unto God, as well as our model for what it means to be a fully faithful human being.

Plymouth is a non-doctrinal church. That means that we do not have a list of tenets to which people must agree. Offered guidance and education through the church, individuals are free to believe and act in doctrinal matters in accordance to their own insights and perceptions. People received into membership affirm or reaffirm the Baptism vows as they understand them.

The fact that we are a non-doctrinal church, as well as our history and current practice, puts us on the “progressive” end of the Christian Theological spectrum.

Statement of Faith

The United Church of Christ Statement of Faith is a statement of commonly held beliefs in the United Church of Christ stated in worship form. It is not a test of faith.

To read more about how we view the Bible, God’s world, and ourselves, follow this link.

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