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Music Program

"People who make music together, cannot be enemies, cannot be enemies, at least while the music lasts. We are friends forever when we sing together; the whole world is better when we sing. So let's sing forever, hold our hands together, make the whole world better, come and sing."

- Sung benediction

Plymouth's Chancel Choir

Plymouth UCC’s Chancel Choir is made up of dedicated musicians who donate their Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings in ministry to the church. Though the majority of the members are not trained in music, the choir learns and presents a wide variety of musical literature, from gospel and African American spirituals to baroque, classical, and romantic choral literature by European composers.

The Choir, under the direction of William (Bill) Bokhout and accompanied by organist Marilyn Pikaart begins its season the second Sunday of September, presenting anthems for worship most Sundays through the end of May. Flute, violin, viola, saxophone, ocarina, bass fiddle, African and Native American drumming have also been known to accompany the anthem selections.

Plymouth also has a bell choir, brass ensemble, and string band (which includes dulcimers, bass, guitar and viola). These provide music when the Choir is not available or in conjunction with the Choir. Each ensemble is always looking for new members. Those interested are encouraged to contact Bill for more information. During the summer months, special music is provided for worship by various instrumentalists and vocalists from the congregation and wider community.


Plymouth's Kidz Choir

Plymouth’s “Kidz Choir” meets Thursday nights at 6:15 through 6:45. Children aged 5-12 are invited to learn and perform music while their parents and other adults enjoy a light dinner and conversation. The choir, under the direction of Bill Bokhout, performs monthly during the worship service, September through May.


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