PLYMOUTH CALL TO ACTION! Next Steps in the Hand2Hand Partnership: How Are YOU Helping the Children?

Plymouth is starting the Hand2Hand Ministry program with Calvary Baptist. This is for 2 reasons. (1) They want a short term commitment for their program of several years while they wait for Grand Rapids Public Schools to open in person – at which time they will move to helping their school in GRPS. (2) This gives Plymouth time to get people and donations in place during this time of building closure and distancing. While the heavy lifting of all food donations is on Calvary Baptist this fall, Plymouth needs to begin ramping up our program to take over after Christmas.

Please prayerfully consider one or more of the needs below.

Contact the church or Sandy Swayman by phone/text at 616-481-8889 or email


  • Sort grocery bags into double bagged, folded in half and packaged 49 double bags in a 50th double bag.   EASY
    • No mask or social distancing needed – you can work alone.
    • Grocery bags provided thru church donations – delivered to you or pick up
  •   Pack bags for delivery to the school every other week.  EASY+
    • This fall: every other Wednesday beginning on Oct 21 from 1:00-2:00pm
    • This fall: at Calvary Baptist off 28th Street behind Meijer.
    • Mask required.  Social distancing as possible.
  • Deliver bags to school (2 person teams desired) EASY+
    • Time still to be determined, first will be Oct. 23.
    • Move 50 bags to car and then to Meadowlawn Elementary School office.
    • Strength and stamina equivalent to a BIG grocery shopping day.
    • Delivery is every week, but teams can rotate based on the number of teams.
    • Mask required.  Social distancing should be no problem


  • Quart size re-closable plastic bags (for  breakfast and for snack items each week)
  • Grocery bags, any store.  (We will need 100s as we will use 100 each week)
  • Food items for snack bags (50 of each needed by Oct 18) These will change some every 2 weeks
    • Granola bars
    • Juice boxes
    • Individual cups pudding
    • Individual size cups of applesauce
    • Individually wrapped servings of beef sticks or pepperoni
    • Individually packaged trail mix
    • Microwavable popcorn packets
    • Individual crackers and peanut butter package
    • Individual servings of goldfish crackers
  • Checks made out to Plymouth UCC with Hand2Hand in the memo
    • to buy anything not received in donation.

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