Hand2Hand – How Are You Helping the Children?

Here is a link to SignupGenius. Please note that it updates often, so please keep checking it.  Both DONATIONS and VOLUNTEER TASKS are listed there, with times and dates. You can also still contact me at 616-481-8889 or swaymom2@comcast.net.


Thanks to all of you! You are so generous. Donated items can be put in plastic bin outside the church’s south door.


LOOKING FOR A CO-COORDINATOR to help plan menus, prepare work, and keep schedule updated.  Can choose how to do this – one possibility is every other month, but a plan can be worked out as it fits schedules.

As we head into February, we will be moving beyond our startup help from Calvary Baptist and the H2H start up grant. Please consider donating food from this list:

Items needed by February 1 include:
Small packets of pepperoni
1-lb packages of pasta
6” tortilla packages
Canned pasta sauce
Cans of pizza sauce
crackers with cheddar cheese, individual servings

Items needed by February 15 include:
Animal crackers, individual packets
Canned Hormel chili or similar
Crackers with peanut butter
Saltine sleeves – 8 sleeves per bx
Fruit cups, 4 or 6 per pack
Canned corn
Juice boxes or pouches
Canned refried beans, not spicy
Pudding cups
4 or 6 per pack rice packet, like Uncle Ben’s instant
Taco or burrito seasoning packets
Fast Shake Pancake mix or equivalent, small container

Please go to signup genius or contact Sandy Swayman for the most current needs status.

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