Church Administration Update

Church treasurer Melissa Anderson will be handling office tasks while we undertake a search to replace our administrative assistant, Sarah Simon, who recently resigned. We wish Sarah well in her new job, and hope to find someone as kind and capable again! It’s a tight job market right now, but we’ll be posting an ad for the opening soon.

How can you help, you ask? We are working on deepening the bench of people who know how to do the things that “make Plymouth go.” In the areas of administration, accounting, and technology, there are activities where it would be valuable to have not just a primary person (volunteer or staff) but a backup or two who can help if needed. Think about whether you could sign on to learn something new, such as how to send the weekly emails, schedule the HVAC system, or run the livestream on a Sunday morning, to name a few examples. Plymouth needs YOU! Melissa has found that being invested in one’s church community by helping in this way is rewarding beyond measure. Contact the church office to discuss how you might share in the joy of being of service.

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