Attention Garden Lovers!

Do you want to share some of the beauty from your yard in Summer bloom? Trisha Spaulding invites you to take photos of your garden, window boxes, planted pots or vegetables and text or email them to her. Trisha is also willing to come to your home and take photos if you prefer. Then she will combine everyone’s photos into a video of beauty and hope, celebrating the wonders of creation. Underlying the Garden video will be Marilyn Pikaart’s arrangement of the beautiful hymn “I Come to the Garden Alone”. A list of contributors will be included in the video. Please send 1 to 5 photos to Trisha by Saturday, July 18, 2020. The video will be used in worship on Sunday, July 26, 2020 and put on the Plymouth Facebook page. Thanks for your participation. Trisha and Marilyn.  Trisha’s cell: 616-901-7316  Trisha’s email:

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