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Skip the Turkey

Movimiento Cosecha and Micah Center ask that you leave one thing off your table this holiday season ... turkey. 

"Poultry processing is largely done by immigrant workers for low wages and in difficult, dangerous conditions. The likelihood that poultry and meat workers will be injured on the job is twice as high as all U.S. workers.  At the same time, the poultry industry is worth $48.1 billion. Recognizing that all the food on our tables during these end-of-year holidays has been cultivated, harvested and processed by the hands of immigrants, we invite you to make the sacrifice not to eat turkey to honor the work of immigrant workers. When you are with your families at Thanksgiving dinner or other holidays, remember our immigrant sisters and brothers whose families cannot be together because their relatives have been deported."

You can find more information here:
Dark Meat
Lives on the Line
Exploitation & Abuse at the Chicken Plant

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