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Plymouth Book Club - The Bookstore

Monday, September 11, 7:00 p.m. in the lounge

Who doesn’t love a good story about a bookstore?
Our selection this month is The Bookstore, a novel about a young woman who finds unexpected salvation while working in a quirky used bookstore in Manhattan. This witty, sharply-observed debut novel by Deborah Meyler tells the story of the Impressionable and idealistic Esme Garland, a young British woman who finds herself studying art history in New York and working at the Owl. The Owl is a shabby, second-hand bookstore on the Upper West Side; an all-day, all-night haven for a colorful crew of characters: handsome and taciturn guitar player Luke; Chester, who hyperventilates at the mention of Lolita; George, the owner, who lives on protein shakes and idealism; and a motley company of the timeless, the tactless, and the homeless.  A rousing celebration of books, of the shops where they are sold, and of the people who work, read, and live in them, The Bookstore is also a story about emotional discovery, the complex choices we all face, and the accidental inspirations that make a life worth the reading. Join us as we explore Esme’s struggle as a young immigrant in New York City. Our selection is available at Schuler Books on the Book Club Table with a 20% discount.

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